Two of my close friends have been persuading me to watch “Queen Seon Deok” for the past weeks/months.  But I gracefully decline every time they do. As much as I like and respect Ms. Go (Go Hyun Jung)… a sageuk? 60 episodes? Thanks, but no thanks.

I have nothing against sageuk dramas. I just don’t have the time and patience (and hard disk space) to watch them. They are, most of the time, long. Dialogues are a bit difficult. I’m afraid it may be boring to watch too.

Tiluk gave me a copy of Queen Seon Deok Chuseok Special. She told me, if I really don’t want to watch the series, at least watch the special. I agreed. 2 hours is not bad after all. But even so, I still procrastinated. Until I got myself (finally!) a new DVD player that can play DivX files and srts a couple of days ago. After testing the player, the first one I decided to watch is the QSD Special.

And now I ask myself: Why did I procrastinate a lot from watching it? Ok, ok. I know the answer why. Yet, I still wished I’ve started watching it earlier. Now I have to start from Episode 1 while everybody is either following it real-time, or at least halfway through.

I enjoyed watching the special so much. I didn’t get to enjoy much of Mi Shil’s presence due to excessive editing out of her scenes, but was surprised that I didn’t cringe at Lee Yo Won’s acting – who is not one of my favorite actresses. And my heart goes to the young Deokman who is really cool! I also like the story. Boring? Not at all. I guess it’s not a bad idea to try watching a sageuk once in a while. Specially for someone like me who love “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, “Harry Potter” and “Mulan”. I realized I’m just missing a lot for skipping sageuks.

I’m not surprised why most friends from soompi and almost all of my Korean friends watch this. Thanks tiluk for giving me a copy. I owe you one. I’m looking forward to watching the entire series now.

What’s Up Fox and MNIKSS

This is an exerpt from an Open Thread post of belleza on Dramabeans I just love her comparisson.

Re: What’s Up Fox

I liked What’s Up Fox a lot. The first half kinda plays like a G-rated version of a sex comedy. It’s sauncy, but never actually raunchy (except for a few cleavage shots), and that was charming for me.

As you probably know, What’s Up Fox was from the same writer as My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. In a way, What’s Up Fox is the deluxe version of MNIKSS, where instead of focusing on one unusual relationship, we get 2 and a half (the mom and younger coworker) spins on “inappropriate.”

Also, their differences mark underline the careers of two actresses known for being paired up against younger actors. A Kim Sun Ah romance is a frank dialogue between women and boys, a loving ridicule of masculine overcompensation, and above all, about a “sista getting her groove back!” However, to me, Go Hyun Jung is the eternal “noona is pretty” woman, who until Queen Seon Deok has always played opposite actors 5-10 years younger than her. The one actress who is young not by fashion or image, but by dint of mantaining a dreamy, hypnotic, vulnerable, and intimate chemistry toward the other sex. The one who disarms men and brings out their inner boy. And, since Sandglass, she was never a “sista”; she was always the head of the class, the arch role model, etc. Women admire her without feeling warm to her. Men (particularly men-boys) hold secret crushes.

Unlike Kim Sam Soon, What’s Up Fox doesn’t feel like an ajumma fantasy that ajummas can actually share. It’s more like “of course, Go Hyun Jung can get the cute guy”, not “you go Kim Sun Ah, do it for the girls!!” Having said that, I liked What’s Up Fox a lot. It’s not unlike the movie “Away We Go.” The unconventional relationship (and the other ones too) seems vaguely “superior” to more normal types, but in a way it is.

Worth rounding out Kim Sam Soon and What’s Up Fox is the drama Snowman. It’s again from the same writer and again it’s about a very unconventional relationship. But instead of humor, there’s ANGUISH. Beautiful and honest performances by Gong Hyo Jin, Jo Jae Hyun, and Oh Yun Soo.



I’m hopeless… I can’t finish writing all the entries…

Hopeless… hopeless…

Bodyguard (2003)

bodyguardFinally! After some months, I managed to finish watching Bodyguard. It took me some time not because I didn’t enjoy the drama nor because it was not good. In fact it’s the other way around. I enjoyed it and I think this is a good drama. I was just busy subbing When It’s At Night and preparing my new drama The City Hall. If not for my unreliable internet service provider, I might not have finished this drama yet (since I don’t have internet for a few days a month ago I managed to get past episode 3 – watched the next episodes one by one – managed to finally finish it when my internet lagged again yesterday and today).

I’m not the usual fangirl who roots for cute hot and handsome actors. I appreciate actresses more.

But this drama is an exception. If I just have one thing to say about this drama, it’s as simple as “Cha Seung Won is sooo hot and cute!”

These drama doesn’t leave much impression on me unlike the other dramas I saw. Maybe because the main character is a guy and I can’t relate much to his character. But there were some scenes that I was able to appreciate.

So, since I don’t have much to say, let me just list the things I like and I don’t like about this drama.

I like…

Cha Seung Won! Cha Seung Won! And Cha Seung Won! Hahaha! No, seriously… I like him. This is the first time I saw Cha Seung Won. He’s the only reason why I put out this drama out of the old drama closet. It’s not the type of drama that I would pick up out of interest or curiosity. But since Cha Seung Won will be collaborating with my Kim Sun Ah Unnie really soon, I must get to know him. And I have no regrets. I enjoyed his screen presence as he plays Hong Kyung Tak. I clearly see his talents. Plus I really like his nuances and quirks that would definitely match Kim Sun Ah Unnie’s own comedic timing. They would definitely be a perfect comedy couple.

I like Park Yu Jin! The lady bodyguard! I’ve always loved strong women characters, so how can I let Park Yu Jin pass? Too bad her own background story was not tackled that much on the drama. I might have loved this drama more if her character was revealed more. But nonetheless I like her.

And I sooo love the Hong family! They seem like a real family to me. I love Kyung Tak’s mom and dad. And I love the brother-sister relationship of Kyung Tak and Kyung Mi. For me, it’s the drama’s strongest point.

I love Song Il Gook! I hate him to death on this drama! It only means he’s a good actor.

AND THE FOOD!!! I don’t know but everytime I watch Bodyguard, I crave for Korean foods! Maybe because they are always eating… and they were always so into eating!

I hate…

I hate Na Young. I don’t know. But she annoys me. It may be the weak character that annoys me or it can be Lim Eung Kyung’s acting (or the lack of it).

What annoys me the most?

Lack of sweet moments between Kyung Tak and Yu Jin. They could have kissed – even just once. But they didn’t. Maybe the director and the writer don’t want this drama to appear like the usual romantic-comedy… but still…  so annoying. They look so good together.

Overall, it’s enjoyable. Plot is good as well. But a re-watch? Hmm… I don’t think so. Let’s just leave it as it is.

saranghandago malhaetjanayo – Kim Hyoo Jin